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created by Dominik Faber
Natural stone Atlantic Stone Satin
10 mm

ONE - The floating design kitchen

The floating stone kitchen from sio4. The statics of the island are designed in such a way that only one frame connects all components of the One. Despite its imposing size, the design lends the island a weightless lightness. One - physical laws suspended. The simplest geometric basic shapes as well as the continuous grain pattern in the front area give the One, the unique stone block look characteristic of sio4. The base of the frame can be individually painted to RAL and thus form a colour unit with the floor. This makes the floating character of the One even more apparent. The feeling of floating lightness is further enhanced by bright underlighting. The push-to-open opening system of the pull-outs is either mechanical or electronically supported.

Natural stone basin ModulArt

Aluminium drawer with linolium bottom

Dominik Faber

"Despite its imposing size, the ONE's design embodies a weightless lightness."

Perfect processing at the mitre edge

Front: matt white lacquer
Ceramic worktop 10 mm