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PUR, is more than just a kitchen, it is a meeting place for laughing, celebrating, eating and relaxing.  Quite simply, the perfect starting point for unforgettable days. The kitchen radiates an extraordinary elegance, which is due to the purity of the materials used, the lighting and the homogeneous cabinet layout. The Faber & Soehne design, emphasizes the essential, without ornaments and embellishments, but with a lot of precision and elegance. The kitchen is built in regular cupboards whose doors can be opened with a 35 degree bevelled front. The design-protected batten luminaire construction, in which the light is precisely milled in, runs around the kitchen island like a magical ribbon and can be found in the same precision on the tall units.



The direct lighting accents can be adjusted according to mood and desire. The slanted fronts serve as openings for the cupboards.

Individual interior fittings of the cupboards.